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Text messages within Lightspeed at only 1c per message
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Engage with your customers easily via text, built into your Lightspeed dashboard.
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Text messages within Lightspeed Retail

Send and receive messages to/from Customer in any view

You can now send your customers messages about their sales or work orders anywhere within Lightspeed without having to switch tabs or open other software. All correspondence with your customers are available for review and follow up. Text messages are the best way to get in touch with your customers, avoid playing phone tag now!!

The most affordable solution available


At only $20pm for 2,000 outgoing text messages, Text’em is the most affordable text/chat solution available to help you connect with your customers. Why pay for unnecessary functionality which you don’t need or will not use. Simple and easy to use texting that simplifies getting your messages to your customers affordably.

Lightspeed Retail Integrated

At only 1c per text

Super easy to set up and use

Text’em in action

Super easy it is to get in touch with your customers and make them appreciate some good old customer service.

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Over 400,000 messages sent already

This is not our first time at the Rodeo, we have used our technology to send over 400,000 messages on a different platform. We have learnt a great deal and now you can gain the benefit.

Most Affordable

At only 1c per text message we offer the most affordable Lightspeed integration solution available currently. 2,000 texts are included in your $20/month and if need be you can top up your account.


Fanatical Support

Our goal is to help retailers do better business, we want to make solutions that add value to your business and don’t complicate your life. We are available for support and any queries.

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